Missing Score Cards

We still have a number of missing score cards.

Can I remind you that it is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure the card arrives at the Dolly Recorders address ASAP.

If you are having problems entering cards on line you should have contacted a member of the Committee at the time of the issue.

Can I ask that all of the below match cards are sent this week please.  Failure to have the cards in and online WILL affect final positions.  There is the very real possibility a team that should have won their Section wont due to inaccurate points.  The Same goes for a Top Dolls.

Lets get these in ASAP!!


Week 11

Bowyers Arms v Red lion B

Week 13

Wheatsheaf Drayton v Bowyers arms


Week 7

Spread Eagle D v Waggon and Horses C

Week 12

Waggon and Horses C v Morning Star Cholsey


Week 8

Old Anchor B v North Star B

Week 13

Old Anchor A v North Star B

Week 16

North Star B v Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)


Week 15

Plough Appleton v George and Dragon

Week 16

Black Horse B v Plough Appleton

Week 3

Berinsfield C v Black Horse B

Week 5

Berinsfield C v Plough Hanney

Week 11

Plough Hanney v Berinsfield C

Week 9

Black Horse B v George and dragon

Week 12

Black Horse B v Plough Hanney

Week 13

Plough Hanney v Black Horse B

Week 16

Black horse B v Plough Appleton

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