Presentation Night

Presentation Evening

I’m racking my brains trying to think of my first presentation evening. It’s a struggle. I do remember it was held at Roman Way which is at the back of what is now the BMW plant. It was in the largest of the rooms the Emperor room I believe. The trophies were presented first and then there was a band, from memory they were a good band, from the picture I look like I’m having a good time and surely that’s what counts. I do remember that I got very drunk and fell asleep on the bathroom floor (at home) and very nearly didn’t make my paper round.

The Emperor room held around 500 people and it was full to bursting. In those days it was a real family evening out. Me, Mum, Dad, friends of the family who didn’t even play Aunt Sally went, they just knew it was going to be a great night.

Times have changed now though. We now hold it at Abingdon UTD football club. We don’t have as many people buy tickets. Those that do turn up leave shortly after collecting their trophies. It’s a shame that we are not able to entertain the numbers we once did.

Looking around it seems to have affected all areas. Pubs and Clubs are struggling unless they offer food. It could be the recession People generally have less disposable income to spend. When you’re paying less than £10 for crate of beer at the supermarket why bother to go out. I remember when it was cheaper to buy beer in a club than a pub. Now though the gap isn’t so wide. Still it’s as bad if you’re not drinking. I recently had a pint of Orange Juice and Lemonade and it was £3!! I had my first visit to the College Oak at Peachcroft after the refurb where a Guinness extra cold was £3.10 I’ll be back!

For all my moaning team registration has stayed reasonably static. We always seem to get the same number of team’s together year on year and the reasons I gave above are a fact of life and here to stay. For me personally I still enjoy finals night but for different reasons. It gives me a chance to catch up with people I’ve either not seen since last year or possibly seen twice on match day.

An enormous amount of time and effort go into both organising and setting up presentation night. Terry Downes mopping all those trophies that teams have ‘forgotten’ to bring back. Getting all the trophies to the engraver on time (spelt correctly). Setting all the new ones up on the table at the front.

This year presentation night tickets will be for sale from the 16th October from the Secretary Graham Brown or you can get them on Wednesday evening during the Winter League at Abingdon UTD.

I’ll see you all on the 28th October at Abingdon UTD.


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