Summer 2015 – Over 14s! Week 12

As someone nudged me this week to repeat the 14 and overs for the season here you go……

L Clapton 5-5-6 (Abingdon UTD B)
B Parker 5-5-5 (Fox Steventon)
J Simmons 6-4-5 (Spread Eagle)
D Mott 5-4-6 (Spread Eagle)
D Bowler 4-6-5 (Red Lion A)
A Bell 6-3-5 (Fox Steventon)
J Simmons 3-6-5 (Spread Eagle)
J Simmons 6-2-6 (Spread Eagle)
D Hudson 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle)
P Barrett 5-3-6 (Abingdon UTD B)
D Dix 3-5-6 (Abingdon UTD B)
D Dix 4-4-6 (Abingdon UTD B)
D Dix 6-4-4 (Abingdon UTD B)
P Wright 6-5-3 (Abingdon UTD B)
B Moody 4-5-5 (Steventon Sports A)
N Biggs 5-4-5 (Tandem)
A Pocock 4-5-5 (College Oak B)
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