Summer 2015 – Week 17 Results – The Penultimate

Please also get your trophies back to your venues or to Scott Humphries asap as the end of season is near!

We’ll be looking for new members for the committee come the AGM in January – please consider how you can help keep your league running or if you know someone who can.

FINALS NIGHT is on 14th September at Abingdon United FC. This will include all competitions EXCEPT Pairs Semi/Final and Singles Semi/Final which are played on Presentation Night (21st October at Abingdon United FC).

WINTER LEAGUE – is still open to a few players – contact Tosh Woolloff asap!


Premier Section is sorted with Abingdon United B walking the section with 14 points clear and no competition for second place. Plum Pudding have used their promotion from A section this season to be the strongest team holding the Premier Section up!

A Section could still change hands with Tandem on 54 and Berinsfield SC A on 50. Abingdon RBL could also change bottom place with Hart Harwell A if the numbers work out.

B Section currently has Plum Pudding B on top but with a bye in the last game leaving College Oak A the possibility of either a 3 point draw for a playoff or a win to take the section. At the bottom Fleur De Lys and Chequers Charney can battle it out this week for bottom place.

C Section still has some missing cards to sort out at the bottom but Stanford In The Vale FC and Red Lion A are neck and neck for the section title.

D Section The Bell At Grove seem likely winners unless they flop this week and Wheatsheaf Didcot get a 6-0 for a playoff. At the bottom College Oak have played out (bye wk 18) leaving Red Lion C to move up and over with just a single point gain.

E Section has some missing results but is VERY tight at the top with 1 point between 4 teams it could be anyone’s title. At the bottom Waggon & Horses C have secured their place.

F Section Brewery Tap A have cleared the table with at least 9 points clear (although some results are still missing). At the bottom RAL RecSoc have kept going holding their section up.

G Section – well they have another 2 games to play on their 20 week fixtures and with the state of the scorecard entries it’s not a pretty section.

Over 14s

No change in the Over 14s this week but I did miss Jason Bowler (Spread Eagle) off last week (late card?).   We still have missing scores and scorecards. Please check yours!

Total Over_14s
17 D Dix 6-5-6 (Abingdon United B) – Week 8
17 D Hudson 5-6-6 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
16 D Dix 5-6-5 (Abingdon United B) – Week 15
16 D Dix 6-5-5 (Abingdon United B) – Week 6
16 D Dix 6-5-5 (Abingdon United B) – Week 5
16 J Simmons 4-6-6 (Spread Eagle) – Week 3
15 T Downes 5-5-5 (Plum Pudding) – Week 11
15 B Moody 6-5-4 (Steventon Sports A) – Week 6
14 J Bowler 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 16
14 G Brown 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 12
14 D Bradshaw 5-4-5 (Hart Harwell A) – Week 8
14 S Wilson 6-5-3 (Berinsfield SC A) – Week 7
14 C Brind 4-5-5 (Steventon Sports A) – Week 4
14 G Brown 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 3
14 S Kenny 5-5-4 (Berinsfield SC) – Week 2
14 B Parker 6-5-3 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Sixers: J Longford (Tandem),R Waine (Berinsfield SC A).

Blobbers: C Merritt (Waggon and Horses B),D Kitchen (Stanford In the Vale FC),H Legg (Red Lion B),J Aram (The Plough A West Hanney),J Thorne (The College Oak),L Beard (F.M.S.S.C Morning Star),L Julian (Waggon and Horses C),LL J Blessing (Red Lion B),M Rudman (RAL RecSoc),P Gibbs (Harwell RBL A),P Golding (The Plough Appleton),R Dawson (The Plough Appleton).

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
A Premier Abingdon RBL 2 Abingdon United B 4
A Premier Berinsfield SC A 5 Spread Eagle B 1
A Premier Hart Harwell A 0 Plum Pudding 6
A Premier Tandem 6 Steventon Sports A 0
B B Abingdon United C 4 Abingdon Con Club 2
B B College Oak A 6 Berinsfield SC 0
B B Plum Pudding B 3 Chequers Charney 3
B B Royal Oak Didcot 0 The Vine A 6
C C Fox Denchworth B 5 Wheatsheaf Drayton 1
C C Plough East Hendred 6 Fox Denchworth A 0
C C Red Lion B 1 Stanford In the Vale FC 5
C C The Grapes 0 Red Lion A 6
D D Eight Bells Eaton 4 The College Oak 2
D D Harwell RBL A 1 Bear & Ragged Staff 5
D D Saxton Rovers 1 The Bell at Grove 5
D D Wheatsheaf Didcot 5 Harwell RBL B 1
E E Abingdon Arms Wantage 4 Spread Eagle D 2
E E Black Horse A 6 Queens Arms Didcot 0
E E The Plough Long Wittenham 2 F.M.S.S.C Morning Star 4
E E Waggon and Horses B 4 Waggon and Horses A 2
E E Waggon and Horses C 0 North Star A 6
F F Boundary House 6 The Brewery Tap B 0
F F Brewery Tap A 6 Crown Marcham 0
F F Old Anchor A 6 RAL RecSoc 0
F F Packhorse 6 Boundary House A 0
G G The Plough A West Hanney 4 The Plough Appleton 2

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