Summer League: Pairs Knockout Competition Results

The Pairs Knockout was played at the Spread Eagle tonight with 20 pairs turning up for the competition with the best weather.

With two pitches and a few preliminaries it took a while to get the games through with a finish around 11pm !

Semi-Finalists are:-

  • N.Weston & A. Bell
  • S.Enock & B.Stowell
  • D.Sapey & P. Ealey
  • D.Dix & L.Clapton

Special mention to Paul Longford who scored the only 6 of the night (I think – please comment if I need correcting) and that was in the pre-lim and not the very lengthy match against he and his son had with Enock&Stowell which seemed to go through the 6-3-1 cycle too many times!

Many thanks to Tosh Woolloff for prep’ing and helping with the draws, Scott Humphries for sorting match dolls, the losing pairs for sticking up and of course the Spread Eagle and it’s teams for hosting a great but long night !

Semi-finals will be part of the pairs/singles matches played on Presentation Night on 20th October at Abingdon United FC. 


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