Winter 2016-17: Fives Fixtures


Preliminary round.

  • The Heathens                      v      Utd. ‘A’                   7.30
  • Con. Club                             v      Ab. Utd. ‘B’            7.55

1st round.

  • Spread Eagle ‘A’                  v       Penlon      (2 dolls)       8. 20
  • W of 2                                   v       Spread Eagle ‘B’            9.10
  • Utd. ‘C’      (2 dolls)            v       Ab.Legion                       8.45
  • Brown Owls                         v      W of 1                               9.35


  • W of 3                                         v      W of 2
  • W of 1                                         v      W of 4

We will start this competition on 2nd  of  November at 7-30 prompt and we should be able to play 6 games that will get us down to the semi-final.  The times shown are approximate and everyone should get themselves here in good time.  ‘B’ section sides will get 2 dolls per leg when playing ‘A’ section sides.  Please pay attention to the time you are on as it may not be in draw order, this is to avoid a team playing 2 games before others have played one.  This draw was made by B.Clapton & R.Holmes (wont be asking them again).  Good luck to all.



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