Winter League: Fixtures and Friendlies

New Winter League starts 4th October! Read more for details…..

WASL 17-18 fixtures


Welcome to what will be the 37th season of  the Winter League.  I trust everyone had an enjoyable summer, personally I’ve  had better summers on so many levels but, hey, I’m still the right side of the grass.

FIXTURE LIST -> WASL 17-18 fixtures

1)    After much deliberation I have decided that all teams playing Ab. Utd. ‘A’ will receive 2 dolls per leg in the league.  This should make for a more competitive season but still give Abingdon United a fighting chance. They have only lost one game in 3 seasons and won the league quite easily on all occaisions, so felt this decision was necessary.

2)    We will have a night of friendlies on 27th of September, no rolls on sale this night but Sue will be doing them thereafter. Please indulge.

3)    Could you name your players on sheet provided and return to me on ‘friendly’ night or 4th of October.

4)    Please return competition forms with fees no later than 18th of October.  All teams will automatically be entered into Fives Knockout where ‘B’ section teams will receive 2 dolls per leg.  Remember its £1 per person, per competition.

5)    A more balanced fixture list will now ensure that all teams will now play either 3 or 4 times when playing first and last, whereas before teams could have been playing twice or five times.

6)    If anyone is looking for a game Spread Eagle ‘A’ may be short and the last thing I want is for the league go down to 9 teams.  Please contact me on 07761 223362


                             7-45      Ab. Legion               v      Ab. Con. Club

                             8-15      The Heathens           v      Ab. Utd. ‘A’

                             8-45      Spread Eagle ‘A’      v      Spread Eagle ‘B’

                             9-15      Penlon                      v      Ab. Utd. ‘B’

                             9-45      Ab. Utd. ‘C’             v      Spread Eagle ‘C’

Good luck for the season from me and Brian.




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