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Summer League : Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 Minutes

The AGM was opened at 8pm by Chairman James Barguss. 

Minutes of the last AGM were accepted as a true record. See

Team registration showed 13 teams represented.

Abingdon RBL A, Fox Denchworth B, Spread Eagle, Bell Grove, Fox Denchworth A, Old Anchor B, Tandem, Plum Pudding, College Oak, Packhorse, Hart Harwell, Ab Legion B, Ab Utd A.

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Winter 2016-17: Fives Fixtures


Preliminary round.

  • The Heathens                      v      Utd. ‘A’                   7.30
  • Con. Club                             v      Ab. Utd. ‘B’            7.55

1st round.

  • Spread Eagle ‘A’                  v       Penlon      (2 dolls)       8. 20
  • W of 2                                   v       Spread Eagle ‘B’            9.10
  • Utd. ‘C’      (2 dolls)            v       Ab.Legion                       8.45
  • Brown Owls                         v      W of 1                               9.35


  • W of 3                                         v      W of 2
  • W of 1                                         v      W of 4

We will start this competition on 2nd  of  November at 7-30 prompt and we should be able to play 6 games that will get us down to the semi-final.  The times shown are approximate and everyone should get themselves here in good time.  ‘B’ section sides will get 2 dolls per leg when playing ‘A’ section sides.  Please pay attention to the time you are on as it may not be in draw order, this is to avoid a team playing 2 games before others have played one.  This draw was made by B.Clapton & R.Holmes (wont be asking them again).  Good luck to all.




Summer 2016 – The End Is Near! Dates and important messages!

FINALS NIGHT is on THIS Wednesday 14th September at Abingdon United FC. Be there from 7:30 – play order is here. Free entry to see some of the best take the test!

PRESENTATION NIGHT is on Friday 21st October at Abingdon United FC and includes the semi’s and finals of the pairs and singles. Programmes will be £2.50 obtainable after Finals Night (when we know the answers!).

TROPHY winners from last year PLEASE GET THEM BACK to your venues or contact Scott Humphries for collection.



Summer 2016 – Finals Night Order of Play

14th September 2016


Tandem vs Abingdon United B

D.Dix (Ab Utd B) vs M.Philips (Spread Eagle)


Ab Utd B (A)  – D.Davies/L.Clapton/I.Morrison/B.Parker
Ab Utd B (B)  – T.Lach/P.Barrett/B.Duff/T.Ward

Plum Pudding (Fisher/Downes/Woolloff) vs Abingdon RBL A (B) (Sapey/Ealey/Champ)

G.Brown (Spread Eagle) vs G. Lee (Berinsfield SC A)

B.Duff (Ab Utd B) vs B.Moody (Steventon Sports A)



Competitions: Pairs Results – Complete

With the Wednesday’s thunderstorms the Pairs Knockout competitions were already one venue down with the Tandem limping out without any lighting due to the storms that took out some of Kennington. The Tandem venue will be was replayed in August (after other competitions).

2016 Pairs rerun Tandem

Tandem Pairs play sheet


Geoff Lee ran the rescheduled Pairs at the Tandem on 4th August.

M Manion & J Pounceby from the Vine in Cumnor (section B) won through to the finals night, they both played outstandingly with Manion not scoring less than 3 dolls every visit.
They played D Butler & B Adams in the final game who gave them a good run for their money but came up against 2 worthy opponents who thoroughly deserved the victory.

Semi-finals will be played on Finals Night on Wednesday 14th Sept at Abingdon United FC.

Winners of the venues are as follows and pictures etc below.

Venue Semi-Finalists
Tandem M Manion/J Pounceby (The Vine)
Steventon Sports John Simmons/Mick Phillips (Spread Eagle)
Abingdon Con.Club Dave Hudson/Graham Brown (Spread Eagle)
Berinsfield SC Ian Brook/Barry Stowell (Spread Eagle B)


(click on photos to enlarge)

A soggy night at Berinsfield didn’t deter Ian Brook from scoring 4’s in the rain.2016 Pairs Berinsfield - a Wet One

2016 Pairs Berinsfield Scoreboard2016 Pairs Berinsfield games



Competitions: Pairs Knock Out Reschedule – This Thursday

The Pairs venue at the Tandem that was postponed due to lack of lighting after the lightning storm on 16th June will take place on Thursday this week.

The following players are registered to play:-


1. A.Bell/C.Smith
2. P.Broad/G.Lee
3. C.Mildenhall/M.Mildenhall
4. D.Butler/B.Adams
5. B.Duff/B.Clapton
6. N.Weston/R.Nichols
7. J.Pounceby/M.Manion
8. N.Biggs/J. or P.Longford


Competitions: Captain’s & Secretary’s


A cool but dry evening at Steventon Sports Club

A damp early evening cleared for the Captain’s and Secretary’s knock out competition at Steventon Sports Club.

With only 6 Secretaries and 8 Captains 2 prelim games were battled for the Secretaries.

Nicky Biggs battled through 3 legs and finally won his game against Paul Ealey in a 3 stick decider.

Geoff Lee took his game against Bob Duff to 3 legs to get his place in the next round cracking two 4s in the process. In the following round Nicky Biggs couldn’t get his form back as Geoff Lee won the first leg 4-3 and took a 1 stick decider to secure his place in the Final.

Graham Brown made it look easy as he set 5 in the first leg against Keith Buckle who couldn’t get past a 1 in the second leg to save the game.


Click to enlarge any photo

In the Captain’s an after draw mistake by the official gave Dave Sapey a bye to the next round.

Terry Downes took Dave Dix to a 3rd leg with minimal scoring but only scored 1 in the 3rd leg decider which Dave doubled.

Mick Philips got all 4s to win through even with Paul Longford setting a great 5 in the second leg.

Stuart Wilson won over Michael Jarvis when the 4-4 second leg went to 3 sticks (2-2) and 1 stick.


2016 Scorecard for Captain’s and Secretary’s Knockout

In the Semi-Finals Dave Dix made short work of Dave Sapey’s 1 in the first leg and then setting a 6 – a hard act to follow even for the best – and secured his place in the Captain’s Final.

Stuart Wilson set respectable 3s in the other Semi-Final but Mick Philips got the 4s he needed for his place in the final.

Captain’s Finalists – D.Dix & M.Philips

Secretary’s Finalists –  G.Brown & G. Lee



Competitions: Red Drive (3s)

With the temperature cooling down the 3s competition was the hottest thing at the venues of The Vine and Fox Denchworth on Thursday.

At the Fox four teams competed. Plum Pudding took Ab Utd B(A) two straight legs with Terry Downes hitting 5-4. Spread Eagle B(B) then took out the Tandem with 2 straight legs. Plum Pudding then sealed the deal against Spread B(B) with 9 in each leg Ken Fisher doing 4’s and Terry Downes doing 3’s (and Tosh Woolloff doing 2’s).  Plum Pudding go through to the final.

At The Vine 7 teams turned up, the exception being the side from the Spread Eagle B (A).

Ab RBL did come through and deservedly so. However it was the Ab RBL A of Sapey, Ealey, Champ (Gavaghan) rather than Ab RBL B that were due to be there. In this case  we do need to make allowance for players from teams that really support the competitions so the decision to let them play was made. (We’ve also had no complaints about it either and the Plum are happy to play on).

As for the events that unfolded in the first round the Tandem beat Ab Con Club, Berinsfield A bt Berinsfield B, and Abg RBL shocked Abg Utd to 3 legs. Ab Utd could only set 5 in the deciding leg. The Spread Eagle had the fortune or misfortune to draw a bye. In the last 4 Berinsfield A bt the Tandem and Abg RBL beat the Spread Eagle, again in 3 legs. In the match to make the final Abg RBL defeated Berinsfield A in 2 straight legs. Standing at one leg to Abg RBL and a tied second leg, a set of 6 with 3 sticks by the RBL side took them through.

There were no sixes and no really high leg scores – the Spread’s 12 against Abg RBL was the best. The more favoured sides really struggled on the alley for some reason.

Red Drive (3’s) Final will be on Finals Night between Plum Pudding (Fisher/Downes/Woolloff) and Abingdon RBL A (B) (Sapey/Ealey/Champ)

P.S.  It’ll be my intention to propose full competition rules to be adopted at the AGM in January – they’ll be published for comments beforehand. — Paul Stone Acting Secretary.


Competitions: Fours (updated)

A great summer evenings with teams turning out at both the Spread Eagle and Abingdon United FC for the Fours Knockout Competition.

At United the prelim saw Ab Utd B(A)  take  Spread Eagle B in a straight 2 legs with Bob Duff scoring the only 6 of the night. They then went on to defeat Berinsfield.  Steventon Sports defeated Plum Pudding to meet United in the semi.
In the Semi Final Utd started a strong first leg with 13 including two 5s from the tailenders which Steventon couldn’t match but then Steventon went on to take the second leg as United slowed to single figures. Utd then set 11 which was giving Steventon a chance with ‘just’ a 3 per person to win. Unfortunately a good 3 start was downed with a blob putting severe pressure on the lower half of the team that left anchor Derek Fletcher with a big ask of a 5 to draw which failed with the first two sticks.

At the Spread Eagle venue Abg RBL A eased pass Berinsfield A in the first preliminary.

Spread Eagle A took on Abg Utd B (A) in the other prelim. At a leg apiece, the Spread set 16 only for Abg Utd to come out victors with 17 and a stick to spare, the best leg of the night..

In the semi finals the Tandem beat the Spread Eagle B (B) and Abg Utd B (A) beat the Abg RBL A.

In the final the Tandem set in both legs, but leg sets of 6 and then 10 weren’t enough to test Utd, with Barry Parker not having to throw a stick in anger on the anchor.

The final will be between both Abingdon Utd B teams!

Their line up (now fixed as they’ve played will be):-

Ab Utd B (A)  – D.Davies/L.Clapton/I.Morrison/B.Parker

Ab Utd B (B)  – T.Lach/P.Barrett/B.Duff/T.Ward

2016 Fours PBarrett

Paul Barrett gets Abingdon United B ahead in the Fours Semi-Final