Summer League has finished but Presentation Night is Friday 30th November at Abingdon United FC 7.30 practice/entry, games start at 8pm

Programmes on sale Wed nights at Winter League Ab.Utd.FC. £2.50 each 
or contact secretary @


Winter League has Started!   – Fixture List >> WASL 18-19 Fixtures

Fives Competition Fixtures >> WASL 18-19 Fives Competition Fixtures

Threes Competition Fixtures >> WASL 18-19 Threes Competition Fixtures



Competition Finals Night Wed 19th Sept @ Ab.Utd FC

Competition Finals Night is Wed 19th September At Abingdon United FC

Practice starts at 7.00  (there are no compensatory throws see rule 39)

Games start at 7.30

Running Order:

FIVES                           Plum Pudding A vs Spread Eagle A

CAPTAINS                  D.Butler (Tandem) vs T.Downes (Plum Pudding)

FOURS                         Ab.Utd. B (A) (Dix/Parker/ L.Clapton/Davies)  vs Spread Eagle A (Humphries/Brown/Phillips/Simmons)

RED DRIVE (3s)      Plum Pudding A (B) (Stone/Adams/J.Ellaway)  vs Ab.Utd B (A) (Dix/L.Clapton/Parker)

SECRETARYS           P.Longford (Tandem) vs T.Barrett (Ab. Con. Club)

FOUNDER MEMBERS  D.Davies (Ab. Utd.) v B.Moody (SSSC)

Pairs and Singles Semis/Final played on Presentation Night 30th November




Summer 2018: Playoffs and Competitions


Mon 10th Sept A Section Playoff Between Berinsfield A and Plum Pudding at Ab.Utd

Eights Semi Finals

Thu 13th Sept    Ab. Utd B (0)  vs  The Bell Grove (6)   VENUE Steventon Sports

Thu 13th Sept    Plum Pudding (2) vs Ab. Utd D (6)      VENUE Ab.Con.Club

Eights Final

moved from 26th due to Winter League clash

THU 20th Sept  VENUE Ab.Utd (2nd Pitch)

Competition Finals Night

at Abingdon United Wed 19th Sept


Fives      Plm Pudding  vs Spread Eagle

Threes   Plum Pudding A (B) vs A.Utd B(A)

Captains    D.Butler (Tandem)  vs   T.Downes (Plum Pudding)

Secretaries   T.Barrett (Ab.Con.Club)  vs  P.Longford (Tandem)

Founder Members   D.Davies (Ab.Utd.B)  vs  B.Moody (Steventon Sports)

Pairs and Singles Semis/Final played on Presentation Night 30th November


Scores on the Doors

So, that’s it then end of the season.

Make sure you get the cards in by Saturday Morning.  Any card not entered online by midday Saturday will forfeit the points for both teams, potentially missing out winning the league.  DONT BE THAT TEAM.

If you can’t get online contact someone who can.

8’s Knockout teams will be contacted personally and playoffs if there are any will be Wednesday the 12th September.


Founder Members

An amazing amount of players turned up for the annual Founder Members competition, quite possibly the best turn out in many years with 23 making trip up to Steventon Sports Social Club.

On what was undoubtedly one of the nicest evenings with the warm and pleasant atmosphere matching the weather, almost every leg going from 3 sticks and 1 stick and then back to 6, play didn’t finish until 22:00!

The semi finals saw Dave Davies vs Tosh Wooloff and Jim Hamilton vs Brian ‘Laddie’ Moodie face off for a place in the final.

The final will see Laddie and Dave fight it out for the trophy




Wed 11th July – the Committee will not be blanket postponing any matches due to the possibility of an England World Cup Fixture that week. We voted to have the 8s Competition on a Wednesday and this already extended the league by 2 weeks. There aren’t enough weeks to keep extending the league season without it being an issue. The rules (14) allow teams to re-arrange games as required. Providing you let us know you can play any night of the week before the following Wednesday.

Week 9 Online cards – thank you for those eagle eyed who spotted the week number wasn’t changed last night. Our bad. We’ve now corrected the cards so if you have any other problems email support @ 


Summer League: Week 1 and 2 Results

Week 1

Total Over_14s
14 Dave Hudson 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 1

Sixers: Sam Higgs (Waggon & Horses C)

Blobbers:Britford Jeeves (RAL-RECSOC), Colin Chung (Spread Eagle C), Kelly Forsyth (Wheatsheaf Didcot B), Matty Feates (Red Lion Drayton C), Pete Gibbs (Wheatsheaf Didcot B), Phil Wilkins (Bear and Ragged Staff), Sean Paul (North Star B), Steve Quantick (Wheatsheaf Didcot B)

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier Premier Abingdon UTD B 6 Spread Eagle 0
Premier A Spread Eagle B 4 Abingdon United C 2
Premier A Steventon Sports A 2 Tandem 4
A A Hart Harwell A 0 Berinsfield A 6
B B Abingdon Con Club B 6 The Grapes A 0
B B Berinsfield SC B 2 Chequers Charney Bassett 4
B B Plum Pudding B 4 SITV FC 2
B B The Vine 2 Red Lion Drayton A 4
C C Abingdon United D 6 Fleur De Lys 0
C C Bear and Ragged Staff 3 Royal Oak Didcot 3
C C Fox Denchworth B 4 Fox Denchworth A 2
C C Harwellian A 0 The Bell Grove 6
D D College Oak A 5 Abingdon Con Club A 1
D D Saxton Rovers 6 Wheatsheaf Drayton 0
D D Spread Eagle C 3 College Oak 3
D D Waggon and Horses A 3 Eight Bells Eaton 3
E E Black Horse East Hanney 2 North Star C 4
E E Brewery Tap A 6 Red Lion Drayton B 0
E E North Star A 6 Waggon & Horses B 0
E E White Horse B 2 Boundary House 4
F F Old Anchor A 1 Abingdon Arms A 5
F F Queens Arms Didcot 0 Berinsfield SC C 6
F F RAL-RECSOC 2 Brewery Tap B 4
F F Wantage Town FC 2 Ladygrove A 4
G G Red Lion Drayton C 6 North Star B 0
G G Sutton Courtenay FC 6 Black Swan Abingdon 0
G G The Croft Bar Peachcroft 4 Waggon & Horses C 2
G G The Grapes B 6 Black Horse Gozzards Ford 0
G G Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0 Plough West Hanney 6


Week 2

Sixers:  Dennis Cross (Spread Eagle B), edit Graham Brown (Spread Eagle)

Blobbers: Amey Lea Humphreys (Black Swan Abingdon), Ann Yates (North Star C), Arthur Carpenter (The Grapes B), Chris Judkins (Black Horse East Hanney), Hannah Donavan (Black Swan Abingdon), Jake Tuckey (Wantage Town FC), Kelvin Lewis (Wantage Town FC), Lee Pinnell (Waggon & Horses B), Malcolm Allen (Plough West Hanney), Niamh Brandon (Black Swan Abingdon), Nick Musgrove (Plough West Hanney), Nick Walsh (Waggon & Horses B), Sean McGrath (Black Swan Abingdon), Steve King (Waggon & Horses B)

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier A Spread Eagle B 2 Berinsfield A 4
A Premier Abingdon United C 2 Steventon Sports A 4
A Premier Hart Harwell A 2 Spread Eagle 4
A A Tandem 2 Plum Pudding 4
B B Berinsfield SC B 4 The Grapes A 2
B B Red Lion Drayton A 4 Plum Pudding B 2
B B The Plough Long Wittenham 4 Chequers Charney Bassett 2
B B The Vine 0 Abingdon Con Club B 6
C C Abingdon United D 2 Bear and Ragged Staff 4
C C Fox Denchworth B 6 Royal Oak Didcot 0
C C Harwellian A 2 Fleur De Lys 4
C C Wheatsheaf Didcot A 1 The Bell Grove 5
D D Abingdon Con Club A 4 Wheatsheaf Drayton 2
D D College Oak A 6 Eight Bells Eaton 0
D D Saxton Rovers 4 Harwellian B 2
D D Waggon and Horses A 2 College Oak 4
E E Black Horse East Hanney 5 Boundary House 1
E E Brewery Tap A 2 FMSSC Morning Star 4
E E North Star C 0 Red Lion Drayton B 6
E E White Horse B 6 Waggon & Horses B 0
F F Abingdon Arms B 4 Ladygrove A 2
F F Queens Arms Didcot 4 Brewery Tap B 2
F F RAL-RECSOC 0 Old Anchor A 6
F F Wantage Town FC 2 Abingdon Arms A 4
G G Black Horse Gozzards Ford 4 North Star B 2
G G Red Lion Drayton C 6 Black Swan Abingdon 0
G G Sutton Courtenay FC 6 Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0
G G The Croft Bar Peachcroft 6 Plough West Hanney 0
G G The Grapes B 2 Waggon & Horses C 4



User logon and Submit a Match Card

Its that time of year when I ask you to make sure you are able to logon to the website and submit a match card.

– Its everyone’s responsibility to ensure the card is online by Saturday afternoon following the match
– If the card isn’t submitted BOTH TEAMS forfeit the points
– If you can’t logon or have issues email any member of the committee or log a call on the helpdesk

If you contact us early we can sort it we have ZERO tolerance for no submission and contacting us after Saturday afternoon.

Good luck, I hope the calling goes your way and the 6’s are plentiful.

James Barguss


8s Knockout 2nd round Matches

Congratulations to all the teams that move through to the next round.

The matches listed below are all to be played on Wednesday May 2nd

1 – Abingdon UTD D V North Star (Venue – Abingdon UTD)
2 – Plum Pudding V Conservative Club (Venue – Plum Pudding)
3 – Fox A V Abingdon UTD B (Venue – Fox)
4 – Bell at Grove V Abingdon UTD C (Venue – Bell)