Summer League: Week 2 Results

Well done everyone for getting their cards online by Friday – it makes our job so much easier if we don’t have to chase. We are still getting some postal cards late so please do your best.

We’ve had a couple of players who have not been registered beforehand therefore – these scores have been removed. YOU MUST REGISTER PLAYERS before a match with £3 per player using the form on the homepage. We do our best but you need to fill in the form and submit the right fees ! Thank you for playing by the rules and helping us to help you.

Charlbury Beer FestivalCharlbury Beer Festival is getting organised and is keen for great Aunt Sally players to take part in the World Championships on 24th June. With a £200 cash prize, the Fining’s Cup, and the kudos of being Aunt Sally World Champion 2017, they’re expecting a bigger event than ever! They’ll be running two professional throws side by side, with player capacity rising to 48. So reserve your place NOW !

Over 14s – Two new entries in the over 14s this week, World Champion Barry Parker and John Simmons. 

14 Barry Parker 4-4-6 (Abingdon United B) – Week 2
14 John Simmons 6-3-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
14 Dave Dix 5-5-4 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Sixers:Barry Parker (Abingdon United B), Dave Dix (Abingdon United B), John Simmons (Spread Eagle), Paul Longford (Tandem).

Blobbers: Andy Campbell (Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC), Chris Harrison (Ladygrove A), Chris Leyland (Bear and Ragged Staff), Hector Legg (Red Lion Drayton B), Jamie Li (George and Dragon Upton), Joe Moxon (RAL Sec Soc), Joy Brinkley (RAL Sec Soc), Julie Holt (RAL Sec Soc), Julie Holt (RAL Sec Soc), Kevin Murphy (North Star A), Lyn Moore (RAL Sec Soc), Malcolm Allen (The Plough A West Hanney), Melissa Beech (Wheatsheaf Didcot B), Michael Phillips (RAL Sec Soc), Nick Moore (RAL Sec Soc), Paul Briggs (Waggon and Horses A), Pete Hayden (North Star A), Peter Phillips (RAL Sec Soc), Rob O Neill (The Bell Grove), Trevor Hill (Crown Marcham), Wayne Robins (RAL Sec Soc).

Premier/A – Spread Eagle B 2 – Spread Eagle 4; Abingdon Con Club 4 – Steventon Sports A 2; College Oak A 2 – Tandem 4; Hart Harwell A 4 – Plum Pudding 2; Plum Pudding B 0 – Abingdon United B 6;
B Section – Abingdon United C 1 – Chequers Charney 5; Berinsfield SC B 0 – SITV FC 6;  Fox Denchworth B 3 – Red Lion Drayton A 3; Royal Oak Didcot 4 – Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC 2; The Vine Cumnor 2 – Fox Denchworth A 4;
C Section – Abingdon Arms Wantage 1 – Fleur De Lys 5; Eight Bells Eaton 2 – Abingdon Con Club A 4; Plough East Hendred 4 – The Grapes 2; Red Lion Drayton B 6 – Spread Eagle D 0; The Bell Grove 0 – Brewery Tap A 6;
D Section – Bowyer Arms 6 – Wheatsheaf Didcot A 0; FMSSC Morning Star 0 – The Plough Long Wittenham 6; Harwellian A 3 – Waggon and Horses B 3; North Star A 2 – Berinsfield SC C 4; White Horse A 2 – Bear and Ragged Staff 4;
E Section – Boundary House A 0 – Saxton Rovers 6; Brewery Tap B 2 – Boundary House 4; Crown Marcham 0 – Wheatsheaf Drayton 6; George and Dragon Upton 2 – Black Horse East Hanney 4; Waggon and Horses A 3 – Harwellian B 3;
F Section – Ladygrove A 1 – White Horse B 5; Queens Arms Didcot 3 – North Star B 3; RAL Sec Soc 3 – College Oak 3; The Plough A West Hanney 0 – Old Anchor A 6; Wantage Town FC 4 – RAL Sec Soc 2; Wheatsheaf Didcot B 4 – College Oak 2;

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