Summer League: Week 3 Results

This week there was a cancelled game F Section Plough W.Hanney cancelled their White Horse B game giving White Horse B 6 points and in E section Wheatsheaf Drayton postponed their match against Boundary House A – NOTE all postponed matches have to be played before the next Wed match and notified to the League. If this match doesn’t go ahead Boundary House A will take 6 points as if a cancelled match.

REMINDER – all cancelled/postponed matches have to be notified to the League. The best way to do this is login to the website and use the new Team Support function just below the ‘Submit Match Card’ on the top menu. 

Over 14s – Both Leigh Clapton and Dave Dix from Ab.Utd.B matched scores of 4-6-5 for a great 15 each this week. Mick Phillips (Spread Eagle) cracked a 5-5-4. Good to see Tony Barrett (Ab.Con.Club A) back playing and on form with his first 6 of the season.

Total Over_14s
15 Dave Dix 4-6-5 (Abingdon United B) – Week 3
15 Leigh Clapton 4-6-5 (Abingdon United B) – Week 3
14 Michael Phillips 5-5-4 (Spread Eagle) – Week 3
14 Barry Parker 4-4-6 (Abingdon United B) – Week 2
14 John Simmons 6-3-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
14 Dave Dix 5-5-4 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Sixers: Barry Parker (Abingdon United B),Dave Dix (Abingdon United B),Leigh Clapton (Abingdon United B),Mike Greenaway (Berinsfield SC B),Tony Barrett (Abingdon Con Club A).

Blobbers: Gavin Walton (Brewery Tap B),James Jaggard (Royal Oak Didcot),James Tyrell (North Star B),Karen Tuckey (North Star B),Kelly Forsyth (Wheatsheaf Didcot B),Krzysztof Tchorzewski (Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC),Melissa Beech (Wheatsheaf Didcot B),Neil Day (Queens Arms Didcot),Paul Smith (Eight Bells Eaton),Peter Koster (Plum Pudding),Raymond Dixon (Bowyer Arms),Rick Vincent (Plum Pudding B),Roy Loran (Red Lion Drayton B),Shaun Hamilton (Black Horse East Hanney),Shaun Morgan (The Vine Cumnor),Steven Dixon (Bowyer Arms),Toni Cooper (Wantage Town FC).

Premier/A Section – Abingdon United B 6 – Hart Harwell A 0;Spread Eagle 6 – Abingdon Con Club 0;Steventon Sports A 6 – Plum Pudding B 0;Tandem 2 – Spread Eagle B 4;

A Section – Plum Pudding 0 – College Oak A 6;Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC 4 – Abingdon United C 2;Chequers Charney 6 – Fox Denchworth B 0;Fox Denchworth A 0 – Royal Oak Didcot 6;Red Lion Drayton A 4 – Berinsfield SC B 2;SITV FC 5 – The Vine Cumnor 1;

C Section – Abingdon Con Club A 4 – Abingdon Arms Wantage 2;Brewery Tap A 4 – Plough East Hendred 2;Fleur De Lys 3 – Red Lion Drayton B 3; Spread Eagle D 3 – The Bell Grove 3; The Grapes 6 – Eight Bells Eaton 0; 

D Section – Bear and Ragged Staff 0 – FMSSC Morning Star 6; Berinsfield SC C 2 – Harwellian A 4; The Plough Long Wittenham 6 – Bowyer Arms 0; Wheatsheaf Didcot A 4 – North Star A 2; 

E Section – Black Horse East Hanney 2 – Crown Marcham 4; Boundary House 4 – Waggon and Horses A 2; Harwellian B 2 – George and Dragon Upton 4; Saxton Rovers 6 – Brewery Tap B 0; 

F Section – College Oak 4 – Wantage Town FC 2; North Star B 2 – Wheatsheaf Didcot B 4; Old Anchor A 6 – Queens Arms Didcot 0; RAL Sec Soc 3 – Ladygrove A 3; White Horse B 6 – The Plough A West Hanney 0;

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