Summer League : Week 9 Results & Comp News


As you know the League is sponsored this year by Dyno Plumbing & Heating and they are offering an exclusive discount for registered players of the league off the cost of all new boilers they install. From now until the end of the season they will be offering a 10% discount off all new boilers installed. The boilers come with a 7-year warranty and you’ll need to quote DYNOAASL17 when making an enquiry. This offer is open to all registered players of the League.

So give them a ring on 01235 523708 and get a great deal!

Competition News: A disappointing turnout in the Tom Simmons 5’s Knockout this week with two out of the six teams unable to field teams left only 3 contenders once Spread Eagle B withdrew after a pre-match issue with unsporting behaviour from a player from Spread Eagle. Spread Eagle B lodged a complaint with the Committee and the player’s team Captain/Secretary have been warned that any further behaviour will result in the player being barred from the League. The Committee will decide whether the other semi-final should be rescheduled.

Plum Pudding took on the might of Abingdon Utd B in the Semi-Final to lose 2-0 to putting Utd through. 

THIS WEEK : Singles competition – see fixture list for revised venues. 

No change to the Over 14s this week but Barry Parker (Ab Utd B) was unlucky with 4-5-4 and unfortunate not to retain his World Title at the Charlbury Beer Festival this year. Next time Barrington.

Sixers: John McKay (Bowyer Arms)

Blobbers: Chris Young (Wheatsheaf Didcot B),Dan Sheridan (Ladygrove A),Frank Downing (White Horse B),Glyn Austin (Wantage Town FC),Janice Davis (White Horse A),Kay Belcher (Brewery Tap B),Marion Belcher (Crown Marcham),Nikki Beard (FMSSC Morning Star),Paul Smith (Eight Bells Eaton),Robert Reynolds (White Horse A).

Premier/A Section – Abingdon United B 4 – Abingdon Con Club 2; Spread Eagle 6 – College Oak A 0; Steventon Sports A 1 – Spread Eagle B 5; Tandem 2 – Plum Pudding 4;Plum Pudding B 1 – Hart Harwell A 5;

B Section – Abingdon RBL @Ab.Utd.FC 4 – The Vine Cumnor 2; Fox Denchworth A 0 – Berinsfield SC B 6; Red Lion Drayton A 6 – Chequers Charney 0; Royal Oak Didcot 2 – Abingdon United C 4; SITV FC 1 – Fox Denchworth B 5;

C Section – Abingdon Con Club A 1 – The Grapes 5;Brewery Tap A 4 – Red Lion Drayton B 2;Fleur De Lys 4 – Eight Bells Eaton 2;Spread Eagle D 4 – Abingdon Arms Wantage 2;The Bell Grove 4 – Plough East Hendred 2;

D Section – Bear and Ragged Staff 4 – Harwellian A 2;Berinsfield SC C 3 – Bowyer Arms 3;Waggon and Horses B 0 – North Star A 6;Wheatsheaf Didcot A 6 – The Plough Long Wittenham 0;White Horse A 5 – FMSSC Morning Star 1;

E Section – Black Horse East Hanney 1 – Waggon and Horses A 5;Boundary House A 2 – Brewery Tap B 4;Harwellian B 4 – Boundary House 2;Saxton Rovers 4 – Crown Marcham 2;Wheatsheaf Drayton 6 – George and Dragon Upton 0;

F Section – College Oak 5 – Queens Arms Didcot 1;North Star B 3 – The Plough A West Hanney 3;Old Anchor A 2 – White Horse B 4;RAL Sec Soc 6 – Wheatsheaf Didcot B 0;Wantage Town FC 3 – Ladygrove A 3;

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