Competition News: 4s Knockout

Thursday saw the next set of competitions play out at Abingdon Conservative Club and Abingdon United FC in the form of the 4s Knockout.

2017 4s – Tandem vs Ab.RBL

With just Tandem and Ab.RBL appearing at Ab Utd (losing Steventon Sports & Spread Eagle B(A) ) Legion made short work of a poorly performing Tandem winning 2-1.

2017 4s – Spread vs Ab.Utd B(A), Plum Pudding vs Ab.Utd B(B) and Spread vs Ab.Utd B(B)

At ACC Spread Eagle B(B) failed to field (due to sickness/holidays) and left Spread Eagle to take on Ab.Utd B(A) in the first match. 

With four players both teams managed 16 in the first leg with Spread managing all 2’s in the 3 stick leg which Utd couldn’t match. Spread then set 13 which again Utd couldn’t chase putting Spread into the semi final. 

Plum Pudding were knocked out 2-0 by Ab.Utd B(B) (scores illustrated). 

Semi final between Spread and Ab Utd B(B) had Utd setting 7 which John Simmons getting an impressive 6 to leave Scott Humphries with a simple 2 for the first leg win. Spread set with a 4×4 giving 16 which was no match for an under pressure Utd despite Paul Barrett’s fine 4 start.

4s Final is between Spread Eagle and Ab.RBL to be played on Finals Night Wed 13th Sept at Ab.Utd.

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