Competitions: Singles (updated)

Last night’s Singles matches proved some very interesting and some predictable results.

Venue winners and securing their place in the Semi-Finals :-

Spread Eagle – Dave Dix
Abingdon Utd – Lee Clapton
Abingdon  RBL – Mick Phillips
Plum Pudding – Roger Nichols

From our reporter at the Legion – “Just the 8 turned up and had a great night of Aunt Sally with Dave Sapey hitting two 6’s on the night but couldn’t quite manage the momentum up in the final game.”

wp-1467992239674.jpgFrom the Plum Pudding – “with 8 players up and 4 from Berinsfield it was statistically inevitable that some ‘friendly fire’ was going to take place. Dave Davies saw off Paul Ealey and then Brian Reidy (who’d already beat his teammate Stuart Wilson in a 3 leg 3-1-6 stick clincher with two 5’s in the game).

Roger Nichols saw off Mick Greenway in a third leg 3 stick decider and then Malcolm “new specs” Johnson who’d already cracked a 5 to see off Ken Fisher lost out to Roger’s consistent 3’s. In the venue final Dave Davies only managed to set a 1 which Roger doubled and then Roger set a 2 which Dave just couldn’t manage. Take a look at the scorecard and it just shows competitions are anyone’s game on the night.”

Only 5 players turned up at the Spread – Dave Dix beat Brian Adams in the Venue Final.

7 players turned up at Abingdon Utd – Lee Clapton beat John Simmons in the final game.




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