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Match Report Week 4

Game reports 29/10/08

Ab. Utd ‘B’ won their first game of the season 4-2 against Ab. Con. Club. The leg scores were 10-11, 13-6, 14-9. For Utd. ‘B’ I.Morrison 9, P.Mulford & B.Clapton 8 each & D.Davies 7. In reply for Con. Club M.Chadwick top scored with 11 dolls. J.Castle threw like an out of work Egyptian milkman and managed just 2 dolls.

Old Masters beat College Oak 4-2 with leg scores of 11-16, 16-7, 12-7. For OM O.Gill10, T.Downes 9, M.Hall & A.Woolloff 7 each. For the Oak P.Soden, S.Enock & D.Cross all scored 8 dolls. The Oak were missing star player Frank ‘Tenerife’ Tracey.

Ab. Legion beat Spread Eagle 4-2 but missed a great chance to make it four 6-0 wins on the trot. The leg scores were 17-8, 11-7, 11-12. For Legion D.Sapey included a 6 in his 12 dolls, J.Driver 10 & P.Ealey 7. In reply for The Spread J.Bowler top scored with 8 dolls.

The Fox beat Ab.Utd. ‘C’ 4-2 with leg scores of 15-10, 13-16, 14-13. For The Fox G.Chambers 10, D.Butler & ‘Tichy Baby’ Bell 9 each & I.Bowler 8. For Utd. ‘C’ S.Martin 11, D.Harris 9 & P.Arnold 7.

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Penlon 6-0 with leg scores of 11-9, 15-9, 15-13. For Utd. ‘A’ P.Wright hit a fine 13 dolls, L.Clapton & T.Ward 8 each & B.Parker (guesting) 7. In reply for Penlon T.Lach & E.Jeffries 8 dolls each. More bad news for Penlon boys is that you have to play them again this week. Good luck.

The leagues were formed bearing in mind who finished bottom of the ‘A’ section and top of the ‘B’ section last year, new players coming in and this seasons averages so far, it was decided to form the sections as we did. If anyone has any comments on this, if you could write them down on a piece of paper and shove them where the sun don’t shine that would be great.


Match Report Week 5

Game reports 12/11/08

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ used their get out of jail card to beat Spread Eagle 4-2. The leg scores were 14-12, 14-15, 11-10. For Utd. ‘A’ G.Brown 11, B.Spicer 9, T.Ward 8 & L.Clapton 7. In reply for The Spread S.Kinnaird 10, C.Crawford & B.Newman 8 each & J.Bowler 7. Utd. ‘A’s 39 dolls was their lowest of the season so far.

Penlon avoided defeat for the first time this season as they drew 3-3 with Ab. Utd. ‘C’. The leg scores were 15-16, 16-10,9-9. For Penlon T.Phipps included a 6 in his 13 dolls, T.Lach 10 & M.Jeffries 7. For Utd. ‘C’ S.Martin 11, A.Gregory 9 & D.Harris 8 who’s 4 in the last leg denied Penlon victory, but their 40 dolls was easily their highest total of the season so far.

In a cracking game that saw 4 sixes The Fox beat College Oak 4-2. The leg scores were 17-8, 17-15, 12-15. For The Fox B.Parker hit a brilliant 5-6-5, D.Butler included a 6 in his 14 & G.Chambers hit 8. In reply for The Oak S.Enock included a 6 in his 13 dolls, D.Cross also hit a 6 in his 10 & A.Pocock 8. F.Tracey had a ‘Nelson’ 1-1-1 (that’s 1 eye, 1 arm, 1 b**l). ‘Bondy’ reckoned it was the hardest he’s had to work in years.

In a close game Ab. Legion beat Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 4-2 with leg scores of 10-9,9-10, 15-14. For The Legion J.Driver 12, N.Hazell 9 & N.Tait 7. For Utd. ‘B’ I.Morrison 10, P.Mulford 8, M.Louch & D.Davies 7 each. Legion would have suffered their first defeat of the season had Utd. ‘B’s M.Davies not scored just 1 doll w****r. (Shame his father wasn’t).

Old Masters beat Ab. Con. Club 6-0 with leg scores of 17-8, 15-10, 18-5. For OM A.Woolloff included a 6 in his 14 dolls, T.Downes 12, G.Barguss 10 & R.Lewis 9. In reply for Con. Club M.Haynes top scored with 8.

p.s. To the person who short changed the raffle last week – may the fleas of a thousand camels infest you’re a*****e.

p.p.s. To James & Paul- dare you to put this on the website.


Match Report Week 3

Game reports 22/10/08

Old Masters struggled to a 4-2 win over Ab. Utd ‘C’ with leg scores of 12-6, 12-9, 10-12. For OM M.Hall A.Wooloff & B Lewis all hit 8 dolls & O Gill 7. In reply for Utd. ‘C’ A Gregory & S Martin 7.

Ab. Legion beat Ab. Con. Club 6-0 with leg scores of 13-10, 14-9, 15-11, to record their 3rd 6-0 win on the trot, and are now even money & favorites with Ladbrokes for the title. For The Legion M Foster top scored with 11, J Driver 10, D Sapey 9 & P Ealey 7. For the. Con. Club D Rusher hit 10.

In a tense game The Fox Beat Ab. Utd ‘A’ 4-2 with scores 18-13, 15-16, 13-12. For The Fox Dave ‘I wuz robbed’ Butler hit a fine 13 dolls, I. Bowler & B Parker 9 each, A Bell 8 & G Chambers 7. For Utd. A B Spicer included a 6 in his 11 dolls, G Brown 10 & P Wright 9.

Penlon gained their first points of the season in losing 2-4 to Spread Eagle. The leg scores were 10-8, 9-16, 9-12. For Penlon T.Phipps hit 8, T Lach & E Jefferies 7 each. For The Spread B Newman 9, J. Bowler & S kinnaird 8 each

College Oak beat Ab. Utd ‘B’ 4-2 with leg scores of 12-10, 16-12, 13-16. For The Oak S. Enock hit ll dolls & also won the first card (obviously came across the fields and stepped in something) P. Soden 10 & D.Cross. For Utd. ‘B’ M. Davies & D Davies 9 each & B. Clapton 8.Utd ’B also picked up their first points of the season. Regards Tosh


Match Report Week 2

Game reports

Ab. Legion recorded their 2nd 6-0 win to top the league, this time beating Penlon. The leg scores were 16-11, 10-8, 21-13. M.Foster (making his first appearance in the indoor league) was joint top scorer for Legion along with D.Sapey & J.Driver with 10 dolls. P.Ealey hit 9 & N.Tait 8. For Penlon T.Lach & T Phipps 9 each & V.Smith 7.

Ab. Utd. ‘C’ beat Ab. Utd ‘B’ 6-0 with leg scores of 15-10, 14-12, 13-8. For Utd ‘C’ S.Martin 10, A.Gregory 9, PArnold & D.Harris 8 each & K.Souch 7. For Utd ‘B’ B.Clapton, M.Louch & DDavies all hit 7.

The Fox beat Spread Eagle 5-1 with leg scores of 10-10, 16-9, 10-7. For The Fox D.Butler included a 6 in his 11 dolls, G.Chambers 8 & B.Parker 7. In reply for The Spread B.Newman top scored with 8 dolls.

College Oak beat Ab.Con.Club 6-0 with leg scores of 16- 15, 11-10, 17-8. For The Oak Frank ‘Phylosan’ Tracey & A Pocock 10 each, D Johns, S Enock & D.Cross 8 each. For Con. Club J.Castle & D.Rusher 8 each &P.Stone 7. D. Cross Needing 5 to win the first leg for The Oak duly obliged (He was c**p after that).

Ab. Utd ‘A’ beat Old Masters 4-2 with leg scores 15-12, 13-14, 19-15. For Utd ‘A’ G Brown 12, B.Spicer & P.Wright 10 each. P.Champ S & L.Clapton 7. For OM GBarguss A.Woolioff& J.Barguss 10 each & R Lewis

7. Sixers

A.Gregory, R.Lewis, T. Downes, D. Butler.

Top Dolls

21 B.Spicer, P.Wright, G Barguss, 20 S. Martin. 19 F. Tracey, A. Gregory, G Brown A.Wooloff R. Lewis, T.Downes, J.Barguss, 18 A. Pocock, P. Champ, B. Newman P. Ealey, J. Driver, D. Rusher.

P.S. I need Competition entries and fees tonight please. Regards Tosh


Match Report Week 1

Game reports

‘B’ section champs Ab. Utd ‘C’ opened up the new season with a 3-3 draw against College Oak.

The leg scores were 10-10, 13-14, 13-10. for Utd. ‘C’ A Gregory included a 6 in his 10 dolls & S. Martin also hit 10. P. Arnold weighed in with 7. In reply for The Oak F. Tracey 9, A. Pocock 8 & D. Cross 7.

Waggon & Hors….sorry….Spread Eagle beat Ab. Utd. ‘B’ 6-0 with leg scores of 12-11, 9-8, 17-10. for Spread Eagle B.Newman 10, B.Worrell & S.Kinnaird 8 each and in reply for Utd. ‘B’ D.Davies hit 8 dolls.

Reigning ‘A’ section champions Old Masters beat last seasons wooden spooners Penlon 6-0 with leg scores of 19-6, 18-8, 19.8. In a good all round performance from OM T Downes included a 6 in his cracking 15 dolls, R.Lewis hit 12 dolls which also included a 6,G Barguss 11, A.Woolloff & J.Barguss 9 each. For Penlon nobody hit very many and everyone hit very few.

Ab. Utd. ‘A’ beat Ab. Con. Club 4-2 with leg scores of 12.13, 15-10, 18-10. For Utd. ‘A’ B.Spicer & P.Wright 11 each, new boy P.Champ 10 & G.Brown 7. For Con. Club Derek 5Litre’ Rusher top scored with 10 dolls. R North hit 8 & J.Castle 7.

Ab. Legion beat a disjointed Fox side 6-0 with leg scores of 13-11, 11-9, 12-8. For The Legion P.Ealey 9, J Driver 8, N.Tait & D.Sapey 7 each. For The Fox G.Chambers 9, ABell & B.Parker 7 each.

P.S. The league will again be formed after 4 games and the teams that finished bottom of the ‘A’ section & top of the ‘B’ section will be taken into account

                    • Regards



Welcome to the Winter League


  1. The summer season came and went so quickly and here we are at the start of a new indoor season. We have the same teams as last season so you should know everyone unless we have any new players. I would like to draw your attention to the following points:-
  2. Would each team name their players for this season on the sheet provided and give it to me on 8th of October. No need for signatures just names will do. Any players wishing to sign on after that will be discretionary.
  3. Please support the competitions this year as we need every pound we can get. We have 2 years engraving to do this year.
  4. Please return competition forms to me with fees, no later than 22nd of October.
  5. 2 teams mentioned to me last year that they seemed to be playing a lot of their games in the 9-45 to 10-15 slot. As far as I am aware this fixture schedule has been used for a number of years with each teams number being drawn at the start of each season. I have enclosed the fixture schedule for you and if any smart a**e can come up with a more evenly balanced one please let me know. If you can’t – SHADDUP!
  6. Would those teams playing at 7-45 please ensure that they are here to start games promptly. Can captains make sure their teams are ready to play subsequent games immediately. It will save me a lot of ear ache.
  7. I will give you any relevant information as the season progresses, and if anyone has any suggestions or queries please let me know.

Good luck to everyone for the season