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Steventon Sports & Social Club Bank Holiday Fun Day

Aunt Sally 5 a side knockout at Steventon Sports and Social Club fun day on Sunday 30th August bank holiday weekend. £15 a team of 5 players only. Cash prize for winners. To register please email humphries9 at or contact via

As well as Aunt Sally there will be fun for all the family, bbq, music, bouncy castles, face painting, beer, falconry display plus much much more…


Summer 2015 Week 7 Scores

Sixers – None !  First week of the season with no sixes !

Blobbers – B Humphries (Steventon Sports B), B Smith (Vine B Cumnor), D Arnott (Old Anchor B Abingdon), D Morton (Waggon and Horses A), G Brown (Black Swan B Abingdon), J Davis (Packhorse Milton), J Hobbs (Crown Marcham), J Smith (Plough Long Wittenham), J Thomas (Stanford in the Vale FC), M Preston (FMSSC M/Star Cholsey), N Beard (FMSSC M/Star Cholsey), P Baker (Wheatsheaf Drayton), P Clark (Waggon and Horses A), P Sapwell (Plough Appleton), R Couch (Fox Denchworth B), R Hobbs (Crown Marcham),

Section Section Home Points Away Points
Premier Premier Fox Steventon 3 Steventon Sports A 3
Premier Premier Spread Eagle 4 Abingdon UTD B 2
A A Abingdon UTD D 4 Tandem 2
A Premier Hart Harwell A 3 Berinsfield SC A 3
A A Plum Pudding 4 Spread Eagle B 2
B B Abingdon Con Club 6 Stanford in the Vale FC 0
B B Berinsfield SC B 2 Plough East Hendred 4
B B College Oak A 6 Abingdon RBL A 0
B B Red Lion A 4 Waggon and Horses A 2
C C Bowyers Arms 2 Chequers 4
C C Fox Denchworth A 4 Black Horse A 2
C C Hatchett Childrey 3 Fox Denchworth B 3
C C Royal Oak 2 College Oak B 4
D D Fleur de Lys 2 Vine Cumnor 4
E E Black Swan A 4 Boundary House Abingdon 2
E E Vine B Cumnor 4 Harwell RBL A 2
E E Wheatsheaf Drayton 3 FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 3
F F Old Anchor A 2 Spread Eagle C 4
F F Plough Long Wittenham 4 Abingdon Arms Wantage 2
G G Crown Marcham 2 Plough Appleton 4
G G Packhorse Milton 4 Old Anchor B Abingdon 2
G G Steventon Sports B 1 Black Swan B Abingdon 5
H H RAL RecSoc Rutherford 2 The Bell Grove 4


Competition News

Pairs competitions

Ended in the following doubles going through to the Semi-Finals to be played on Finals Night 16th Sept.

D.Hudson/G.Brown     A.Wooloff/T Downes     S.Humphries/J.Barguss     J.Simmons/M.Phillips

Eights FINAL

Will NOT be played on Thursday but will be on Finals Night 16th Sept.

Abingdon United B vs Spread Eagle


THE World Aunt Sally Singles Open Championship 2015

Aunt Sally World ChampionshipsCharlbury Beer FestivalCharlbury Beer Festival 2015

If you know and play Aunt Sally you’ll know that Charlbury Beer Festival started the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS a few years back.

Last year our own Abingdon League Barry Parker was runner-up in the competition going out to Henry Johnson of Yarnton of all places !

There aren’t many Abingdon players in the fray and there are a few places left – it’s limited to 32 playing all heats on the afternoon.

It’s free to enter (past the Beer Fest entry fee) and there’s a trophy and the bragging rights of being a WORLD CHAMPION at something!
See for details and registration by email.

Oh and there’s a Beer Festival which has great beer/ciders, food and entertainment throughout the day and proceeds to local charities. Entry is £10.00 and gets you 2 drinks tokens & the official glass. Non beer drinkers & Pimms drinkers £5.00 entry. Under 18s free.

Enter the competition or go in support of our own and have a great day out!
Good Luck Abingdon !


New Reports online! Check your Top Dolls chances!

Those of you who worry about the Top Dolls trophy can now view the Section report in the Scores and Reports page which gives each Section’s 10 Players with the Top Dolls.

Also if you want to know your overall ranking in the entire League then take a look at the Player report which lists everyone by their Doll Average. Compare your own performance year on year and see the improvement (or not) !





Summer 2015 Week 6 Scores – 1/3 done and all to play for!

SECRETARIES – please cross check your scores especially when teams have dropped out of your section.
If you have players with mis-spelt names – these will go on the plaques as is! Please email the webmaster and I’ll change them! Next year make your registration forms legible !

NEW! – Hall of Fame –  the over 12’s ! Thought this’ll be fun to see and encourage those who don’t always get that elusive 6 !

D Bowler 4-6-5 (Red Lion A)
A Bell 6-3-5 (Fox Steventon)
A Pocock 4-5-5 (College Oak B)
B Moody 4-5-5 (Steventon Sports A)
J Simmons 6-2-6 (Spread Eagle)
M Phillips 3-5-5 (Spread Eagle)
N Weston 4-6-3 (Fox Steventon)
C Gibbard 5-3-4 (Stanford in the Vale FC)
P Leach 4-4-4 (Hart Harwell A)
R Dixon 4-4-4 (Bowyers Arms)

Sixers: – A Bell (Fox Steventon), D Bowler (Red Lion A), D Rusher (Fox Steventon), J Simmons (2) (Spread Eagle), N Weston (Fox Steventon)
: – C Herbert (Packhorse Milton), D Arnott (Old Anchor B Abingdon), M Mace (The Bell Grove), P Koster (Plum Pudding), R Selby (Red Lion A), R Wilsdon (Bear & Ragged Staff), S Dixon (Bowyers Arms), T Shepherd (Hinds Head)

Section Section Home Points Away Points
Premier Premier Berinsfield SC A 0 Fox Steventon 6
Premier Premier Steventon Sports A 4 Spread Eagle 2
A A Abingdon UTD D 4 Plum Pudding 2
A A Spread Eagle B 0 Hart Harwell A 6
A Premier Tandem 1 Abingdon UTD B 5
B B Abingdon RBL A 1 Berinsfield SC B 5
B B Plough East Hendred 4 Abingdon Con Club 2
B B Stanford in the Vale FC 2 Red Lion A 4
C C Abingdon UTD C 3 Hatchett Childrey 3
C C Chequers 5 Royal Oak 1
C C College Oak B 4 Fox Denchworth A 2
C C Fox Denchworth B 4 Bowyers Arms 2
D D Hinds Head 6 Wheatsheaf B 0
D D Plum Pudding B 6 Grapes A 0
D D Red Lion B 5 Fleur de Lys 1
E E Boundary House A Abingdon 2 Bear & Ragged Staff 4
E E FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 4 Black Swan A 2
E E Harwell RBL A 2 Wheatsheaf Drayton 4
F F Abingdon Arms Wantage 5 Abingdon RBL B 1
F F Brewery Tap A 4 Old Anchor A 2
F F Spread Eagle C 4 Harwell RBL B 2
G G Old Anchor B Abingdon 0 Red Lion Drayton C 6
G G Plough Appleton 4 Packhorse Milton 2
G G Waggon & Horses B Southmoor 6 Steventon Sports B 0
H H The Bell Grove 5 Berinsfield SC C 1

Summer 2015 Week 5 Scores

Sixers: – D Dix (Abingdon UTD B), D Hudson (Spread Eagle), D Sapey (Abingdon RBL A), I Brown (Abingdon UTD E), K Fisher (Plum Pudding), K Smith (Steventon Sports A), M Allen (Vine B Cumnor)

Blobbers: – A Aldridge (Harwell RBL A), A Joyce (Brewery Tab B Abingdon), B Baker (Brewery Tab B Abingdon), D Bosley (Harwell RBL B), F Davies (Harwell RBL A), F Downing (Old Anchor B Abingdon), G Hudson (Spread Eagle C), L Chapman (Old Anchor B Abingdon), M Hadaway (Plough Appleton), R Dawson (Plough Appleton), T Loving (Black Horse A)

Section Section Home Points Away Points
Premier Premier Abingdon UTD B 0 Steventon Sports A 6
Premier A Fox Steventon 6 Spread Eagle B 0
Premier Premier Spread Eagle 5 Berinsfield SC A 1
A A Hart Harwell A 4 Abingdon UTD D 2
A A Plum Pudding 2 Tandem 4
B B Abingdon Con Club 1 Abingdon RBL A 5
B B Berinsfield SC B 6 North Star A 0
B B Red Lion A 4 Plough East Hendred 2
B B Waggon and Horses A 1 Stanford in the Vale FC 5
C C Black Horse A 2 College Oak B 4
C C Bowyers Arms 4 Abingdon UTD C 2
C C Fox Denchworth A 4 Chequers 2
C C Royal Oak 3 Fox Denchworth B 3
D D Abingdon UTD E 2 Plum Pudding B 4
D D Fleur de Lys 4 Hinds Head 2
E E Black Swan A 6 Harwell RBL A 0
E E Boundary House Abingdon 2 FMSSC M/Star Cholsey 4
E E Vine B Cumnor 4 Boundary House A Abingdon 2
F F Harwell RBL B 4 Brewery Tap A 2
F F North Star Steventon C 2 Abingdon Arms Wantage 4
F F Plough Long Wittenham 4 Spread Eagle C 2
G G Crown Marcham 1 Waggon & Horses B Southmoor 5
G G Old Anchor B Abingdon 4 Brewery Tab B Abingdon 2
G G Red Lion Drayton C 6 Plough Appleton 0

Competition News: 8s & Founder Members

Founders Competition tonight ended with the two finalists Dave Davies and Nicky Biggs ready to battle for the trophy on Finals Night at the end of the season. We also saw Basil Collins, who founded the league in 1960. Good to see you Basil!

In the Eights Knockout competition the semi finalists are:-

Abingdon United vs Abingdon Royal British Legion @ The Plum Pudding

Steventon Sports & Social Club vs Spread Eagle @ Abingdon Conservative Club

Both matches take place next Thursday 11th June at 8:30pm.