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Summer 2016 – Week 3 Results

If you’re playing your Landlord/lady as a stand in player (rule 34) please mark the name ‘LL’ on the card and contact us to get them added BEFORE you submit your online scorecard. Thanks!

To help us keep the league tables together and ensure comprehensive scores are given to the newspapers please ensure you enter your scorecard online by Saturday AND get your paper scorecard posted to arrive by Saturday.

The following teams have failed to do both or either of these in the first three weeks:-

Week 1   Waggon and Horses C v Waggon Horses A

Week 2   Black Horse B V George and Dragon

Week 3   Steventon Sports v Berinsfield SC A, Bowyers Arms v The Grapes, Berinsfield SC C v Black Horse B

Winning Captains or Home Captains in a draw are responsible to ensure the scorecard is entered online and to be received by the Dolly Recorder on Saturday following a match. If captains want to delegate that to a competent member of the team that is no problem – we want the scores online and cards in by Saturday.

PLEASE STOP USING OLD SCORE CARDS with old addresses on – the new cards have the Steventon address – if desperate print your own.

Competitions Start this week on Thursday with the Eights Knockouts


Another Spread Eagle top scorer – John Simmons – 4-6-6 puts him in the over 14s! In Sept 2013 he got 6-5-5 and a 5 in the beer leg!

Spread Eagle managed a 34 leg score in their last leg but that doesn’t get them the Highest Leg Score Trophy which stands at 37 by Abingdon RBL in 1992.

Sixers: A Wright (Wheatsheaf Drayton), B Adams (Tandem), J Simmons x2 (Spread Eagle).

Blobbers: D Avenell (The Plough A West Hanney),D Reynolds (Packhorse),F Eara (The Plough A West Hanney),F Moon (Waggon and Horses C),J Walker (Plum Pudding),K Murphy (North Star A),M Druce (Abingdon RBL),P Johnson (The Brewery Tap B),S Brownsill (Old Anchor A),T Doughty (Harwell RBL A).

Total Over_14s
17 D Hudson 5-6-6 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
16 J Simmons 4-6-6 (Spread Eagle) – Week 3
14 G Brown 4-5-5 (Spread Eagle) – Week 3
14 S Kenny 5-5-4 (Berinsfield SC) – Week 2
14 B Parker 6-5-3 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1


SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier A Abingdon United B 4 Hart Harwell A 2
Premier Premier Plum Pudding 3 Spread Eagle B 3
Premier A Spread Eagle 6 Tandem 0
Premier A Steventon Sports A 4 Berinsfield SC A 2
A A Abingdon RBL 4 Abingdon RBL A 2
B B Berinsfield SC 4 Royal Oak Didcot 2
B B Chequers Charney 2 Abingdon United C 4
B B Fleur De Lys 0 Plum Pudding B 6
B B The Vine A 0 Abingdon Con Club 6
C C Fox Denchworth A 6 Red Lion B 0
C C Red Lion A 4 Fox Denchworth B 2
C C Stanford In the Vale FC 4 Wheatsheaf Drayton 2
D D Harwell RBL B 2 Saxton Rovers 4
D D Red Lion C 4 Harwell RBL A 2
D D The Bell at Grove 6 Bear & Ragged Staff 0
D D Wheatsheaf Didcot 5 The College Oak 1
E E Black Horse A 2 Waggon and Horses B 4
E E F.M.S.S.C Morning Star 5 Waggon and Horses C 1
E E North Star A 0 Spread Eagle D 6
E E The Plough Long Wittenham 5 Queens Arms Didcot 1
E E Waggon and Horses A 4 Abingdon Arms Wantage 2
F F Boundary House 3 Boundary House A 3
F F Old Anchor B 0 Brewery Tap A 6
F F Packhorse 2 North Star B 4
F F RAL RecSoc 2 Crown Marcham 4
F F The Brewery Tap B 6 Old Anchor A 0
G G George and Dragon Upton 3 The Plough A West Hanney 3



Summer 2016 – Week 2 Results

Please get your Match IDs on your scorecards and only use this year’s scorecards – the address has changed!

If you clicked too quick for your match ID here’s how to find it again from the All Scores page.


An amazing 5-6-6 by D Hudson (Spread Eagle) puts him top of the shop for high scores ! Shame he missed the last stick in the first leg he could have been one of the few that have ever achieved a full house!


Sixers: B Moody (Steventon Sports A),B O’Neill (Plough East Hendred),D Hudson x2 (Spread Eagle),K Fisher (Plum Pudding),M Phillips (Spread Eagle),N Weston (Spread Eagle B),P Wright (Abingdon United B)

Total Over_14s
17 D Hudson 5-6-6 (Spread Eagle) – Week 2
14 S Kenny 5-5-4 (Berinsfield SC) – Week 2
14 B Parker 6-5-3 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Blobbers: D Avenell (The Plough A West Hanney),F Downing (Old Anchor B),F Moon (Waggon and Horses C),G Wight (Brewery Tap A),J Thorne (The College Oak),L Julian (Waggon and Horses C),M Druce (Abingdon RBL),M Willoughby (Waggon and Horses C),P Curtis (The Plough A West Hanney),P Dryer (College Oak A),P Pratt (Fox Denchworth B),R Reynolds (Packhorse),T Wells (The Bell at Grove)


SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier Premier Spread Eagle B 5 Steventon Sports A 1
A Premier Abingdon RBL A 4 Plum Pudding 2
A Premier Berinsfield SC A 0 Abingdon United B 6
A Premier Hart Harwell A 2 Spread Eagle 4
A A Tandem 5 Abingdon RBL 1
B B Abingdon Con Club 3 Chequers Charney 3
B B Abingdon United C 2 Berinsfield SC 4
B B Plum Pudding B 3 College Oak A 3
B B Royal Oak Didcot 2 Fleur De Lys 4
C C Fox Denchworth B 4 Fox Denchworth A 2
C C Red Lion B 6 Bowyers Arms 0
C C The Grapes 2 Plough East Hendred 4
C C Wheatsheaf Drayton 0 Red Lion A 6
D D Bear & Ragged Staff 3 Red Lion C 3
D D Saxton Rovers 1 Eight Bells Eaton 5
D D The College Oak 0 The Bell at Grove 6
E E Abingdon Arms Wantage 3 F.M.S.S.C Morning Star 3
E E Queens Arms Didcot 3 North Star A 3
E E Spread Eagle D 3 Waggon and Horses A 3
E E Waggon and Horses B 4 The Plough Long Wittenham 2
E E Waggon and Horses C 0 Black Horse A 6
F F Boundary House A 4 RAL RecSoc 2
F F Brewery Tap A 0 The Brewery Tap B 6
F F Crown Marcham 1 Old Anchor B 5
F F North Star B 1 Boundary House 5
F F Old Anchor A 2 Packhorse 4
G G The Plough Appleton 2 The Plough A West Hanney 4

Summer 2016 – Week 1 Results

A SAD LOSS: It is also a sad week as Harwell RBL B lost Ellis Downes, the young lad who drowned at the weekend. Our condolences to the family, friends and the teams. Matches for both A & B teams will be rescheduled.

ONLINE SCORECARDS: So it was the first week and with a lot of prodding by the Committee we have most scorecards in and posted. BUT, you know who you are, some are not entering online and are trying to play players that aren’t registered and some aren’t putting the MATCH ID on the top of the card and some aren’t posting afterwards. PLEASE make it easy for you and easy for us by:- registering players before playing them, getting your card online, getting your match id on the card and posting the card to arrive by SATURDAY. Doing this makes it far less onerous for the Committee to manage the leagues.  If you are having any issues contact us and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

We want as many people playing the game so we don’t want to start having to fine teams (or disqualifying matches or worst case, kick teams out) for not following the rules that everyone has signed up to follow. Losing Captains/Secretaries have a duty here to check as well and poke if necessary ! Thank you.


Parker and Higgs got 6’s to crack off the new season with Parker going straight into the over 14s!

Sixers: B Parker (Abingdon United B),C Higgs (Waggon and Horses B)

Total Over_14s
14 B Parker 6-5-3 (Abingdon United B) – Week 1

Blobbers: D Avenell (The Plough A West Hanney),H Legg (Red Lion B),J Halt (RAL RecSoc),J Mckay (Bowyers Arms),K Tyrrell (North Star B),L Claxton (The Plough Appleton),L Denton (North Star A),L James (Boundary House A),O Holloway (Eight Bells Eaton),R Bailey (Bear & Ragged Staff),R Cox (Boundary House A),R Crook (Queens Arms Didcot),S Buchanon (Abingdon Arms Wantage),T Loving (Black Horse A)

SectionHome SectionAway Home HomePoints Away AwayPoints
Premier A Spread Eagle B 6 Abingdon RBL A 0
A Premier Abingdon RBL 0 Spread Eagle 6
A Premier Berinsfield SC A 0 Plum Pudding 6
A Premier Hart Harwell A 0 Steventon Sports A 6
A Premier Tandem 1 Abingdon United B 5
B B Abingdon United C 1 The Vine A 5
B B College Oak A 6 Fleur De Lys 0
B B Plum Pudding B 2 Berinsfield SC 4
B B Royal Oak Didcot 5 Chequers Charney 1
C C Fox Denchworth B 2 Stanford In the Vale FC 4
C C Plough East Hendred 6 Bowyers Arms 0
C C Red Lion B 1 Red Lion A 5
C C The Grapes 2 Fox Denchworth A 4
D D Bear & Ragged Staff 4 The College Oak 2
D D Harwell RBL A 1 The Bell at Grove 5
D D Saxton Rovers 4 Red Lion C 2
D D Wheatsheaf Didcot 2 Eight Bells Eaton 4
E E Abingdon Arms Wantage 4 North Star A 2
E E Spread Eagle D 4 Queens Arms Didcot 2
E E The Plough Long Wittenham 5 Black Horse A 1
E E Waggon and Horses B 4 F.M.S.S.C Morning Star 2
F F Boundary House 2 Packhorse 4
F F Brewery Tap A 6 RAL RecSoc 0
F F Crown Marcham 6 Boundary House A 0
F F North Star B 2 The Brewery Tap B 4
F F Old Anchor A 2 Old Anchor B 4
G G George and Dragon Upton 6 The Plough Appleton 0
G G The Plough A West Hanney 2 Berinsfield SC C 4



Online Score Cards

If there can be such a thing as a hot topic in Aunt Sally it has to be the online score card system introduced last year. I’ve heard some complaints some of which I understand and some of which I don’t. I’m going to take you through a few of the reasons why we, the Committee have introduced it so that perhaps you might understand even if you don’t agree with it. I will say that at the AGM support for the change was voted through in a democratic way by the teams.

Why do it?

It’s like this, the Committee at present has 8 members. All of us have been here for many many years and believe it or not it takes some work organising the League and making sure it operates smoothly, well, as smoothly as is possible. For the previous few years the scores were posted to the League Match Secretary who arranged for all 40 odd cards to be entered each week into the score Image result for photo amiga computersystem we had previously. Now the old system was programmed onto and used an Amiga computer. That’s right in 2014 we were using a program written in 1990 to work out the scores and leagues. That’s 24 years we were using the same program.

When I came to be Chairman I took the task of updating the system used because the old one really had become obsolete, continuing to use it would have meant that when it did eventually fail the League would not have a backup. So we spent some money, quite a bit in fact, to build something that would last us and would be easy to manage.

One of the things about the score cards is it takes a long time to enter them, sure the old way took about an hour to do but relied on someone from the Committee to have the time to manually enter the cards every week. Then the match scores had to be typed up for the newspapers and sent in.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have that time available to me. I knew that whatever the new system we had it must have the ability to have the score cards added by the teams themselves, thereby saving a great deal of time.

So it is a success?

Well the system has been in a year and by and large I think it has been a success. Sure we have had teething troubles but nothing we cannot fix easily. Did you know for instance that some people have said that the scores don’t add up correctly after adding? I shook my head at this for weeks until I saw that some people were putting an X in for a blob. Quite rightly so but of course databases don’t want to see an X they want to see a number 0 (zero!). I’ve had my website coding guy sort out the back end so that even when X is entered it reads it as a 0.

Passwords and usernames have also been an issue. If you have contacted me chairman@abingdonauntsally or the webmaster@abingdonauntsally we have responded instantly and reset or changed your password. Some people are only contacting us through the contact page and for a while the emails weren’t getting through they are now so there was a hold up there I can only apologise for that.

I think the biggest issue has been when some people can’t get into the site or can’t do it they give up and just send the card in without taking a copy. AllScoresMatchResultThe issue here is we do not know which cards have been entered online and which have not. In fact there is no way without one of us sitting down and manually checking the 160 odd cards we have now accumulated. If we don’t have time to enter the 40 cards each week we definitely don’t have time to sort 160! I need to rely on you to check to ensure that the scores entered are correct for your games and contacting us when they are not – and some people have been and thank you for that. So it does help if you put the match ID on your card when you’ve entered it online.

So far anyone with an issue other than password reset I have phoned and talked through the process. In one instance I’ve been and met up with the Captain and shown them how to do it, actually really enjoyed meeting the Captain of the other team. He now knows how to add the cards and we got to talk about Aunt Sally which is a topic I love and can talk about for hours.

I want and need this to really work for all of us so that it’s easier for the Committee and more transparent for you as teams. It also means we can do some ‘stats’ – so we now have ranking reports that give you your player positions in the total league by average and by total dolls and the webmaster can pull out those sixes and ‘over 14s’ with relative ease as the data is all online.

And finally

If you are having any issues at all or you just aren’t that confident with it, contact me by email. I will get back to you and help you with anything you need. I will even if you want me to arrange a time to meet with you and show you how to do it.

If you have an opinion please hit the comment bubble below and speak up. (You’ll need to login).


WE START THIS WEEK ! Summer Season 2016

We start the 57th Summer Season this week and the forecast is warming up just like our beloved game!

Thank you for those Secretaries who’ve asked for spelling corrections on player names. Next year please print better on the form! 😉

I also hope you’ve all checked you can still login and get the match card up – it won’t load properly yet as we’re not open for cards until match night but you should get a message.

Encourage those in your teams to sign up to the newsletter (so they get these updates) and like, follow and subscribe to our facebook, twitter and youtube channels!

You know it’s good when you hear the wood!

Roll on Summer!